Tijl Pieter de Zwart 3 years ago

To the point, continuous drive to get the best out of of us. We are working together on our website and I am sure it will be amazing.

René Pereboom 2 years ago

As part of KLM Engineering & Maintenance, I have been working together with Miranda Zonneveld (Working Text) for some time now. Miranda is a valued person with us who is nice in dealing with a positive image. Miranda quickly incorporates professional knowledge and she is progressive and goal oriented. She is able to challenge you to have the right discussion and thereby ensures that the topics become clearer. Keep it up!!
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Jaap Lotstra FotoGrafisch 3 years ago

Miranda is someone who understands service and quality! She always strives for the highest attainable and sometimes delivers more than promised. Her ability to communicate in combination with her insight and experience in business make her an excellent choice to delegate work to. Miranda has saved me a lot of time and effort by managing a major project. She did the planning and communication for me from a project of more than 40 companies, but also the routing and all the arrangements for overnight stays and such. It would have cost me a lot more if I had to do it all myself because she is efficient and efficient in what she does. In addition, she is charming, humorous and talented, for me the ideal project manager.
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Walter Negro 3 years ago

As a Newgreen, I have been working with copywriter Miranda Zonneveld for several years. I am very satisfied with her, she is self-starting, thinks along and has a large problem-solving capacity. She provides fresh, advertising texts and also ensures that they do justice to our content management system! Technology and texts together are qualities that you will not find in 1 person, but in Miranda!
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WijNoordHolland Redactie 2 years ago

WBN (We Business News) has been working together with Miranda for some time, for which she interviews us, edits and writes articles. Besides that this is always taken care of, Miranda is a nice person to work with. Appointment is appointment and contact always runs smoothly and enjoyable.